Cheap Flights To USA From UK

The USA is all about that ‘Big’ adventure. Huge cities, vast open skies, a fabulous restaurant culture, celebrities and so much more. To experience all this, you can find the cheapest flights to USA with Direct Flights. Compare flight prices against top international airlines to get you air tickets to USA from the United Kingdom.

Why Book Cheap Flights To USA From UK?

The United States of America has always been a dream destination for most British Travellers. To experience a holiday across the states is exciting and quite a mind-blowing experience.

The states are made up of desert, snow capped mountains, rustic plains and the most glamorous cities in the world. America is home to Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world, located within the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is all about the big lights, stupendous hotels and getting lucky.

Visit Los Angeles and lose yourself in the glitz and glamour. Seek out your favourite celebrity houses at Hollywood Hills, visit the walk of fame and dine at Michelin star restaurants!

Swap it all for rides in vintage trams and walks along those pretty hilly streets of San Francisco. Dine on lobster and take those selfies besides the Golden Gate Bridge. While the French Quarter of New Orleans with its allure of jazz is to be savoured and enjoyed.

Let’s not forget the great outdoors. No holiday to USA is complete without a road trip. Traverse the millions of miles of highway across red deserts, great plains framed by white peaks, endless desert sands, swamps, pretty countryside’s, rolling fields and more.

Then there’s the food; from juicy Texas buffalo wings to gourmet burgers and decadent desserts, the USA is a foodie’s heaven. Stop at the roadside 1950’s style diners for a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fried egg or check out the upper westside of Manhattan home to vintage delis.

Cheap flights from the United Kingdom are available across multiple airlines. To find the best deals and cheapest USA flights, use our search engine to fine tune your requirements. We will compare your requirements against available flights and show you the cheapest day, time and month of the year to fly to the United States.

What’s The Best Time To Book Cheap Flights To USA?

Due to the huge size of the United States, its difficult to predict one season to look for cheap flights to the USA.

Las Vegas is busy throughout the year, but you can get cheap flights during the English summer, a time when temperatures soar in Las Vegas.

Once you decide on which state you want to visit in the USA, talk to our customer support staff for advice on the best season to visit. Of course, peak season is when air fares is the most expensive. And in order to secure cheap flights to the USA you must consider travel during an off-season.

However, last minute flights to USA are ideal for discovering below average prices of air fare to USA from the United Kingdom.

Our easy online booking facility is ideal to explore your options and discover the cheapest flights even for a spur of the moment decision to holiday in the USA.

Travel to Los Angeles is cheap in January. Since that’s the rainy season, the cheapest flights to Los Angeles from UK are available then.

Book Your Tickets Early To Get Cheap Flights To USA

To find the cheapest flights to USA from UK, book your air tickets in advance. If your travel dates are flexible choose to fly during off season.

Having flexible dates is a benefit. Not only do you get to book the cheapest flights to USA; you can choose the type of class you wish to fly in. Since rates are competitive on off-season flights to USA, you could opt for premium economy or even business class, enjoy plenty of leg room and more comfortable flight.

Which Airlines Offer Flights To USA From UK?

A number of international airlines offer flights to USA from London Heathrow and other international airports in the UK. Choose from British Airways, Virgin, Delta and much more.

Compare prices shown for each flight to book the cheapest UK to USA return flights.

Enjoy Easy Online Flight Bookings

Online bookings with Direct Flights are safe and easy. Our secure payment ensures financial protection, plus you can refine your search to ensure you are shown the best deal.

Look for UK to USA air fare costs for all passengers including infants. We will use historical data to predict the cheapest time, day and time for you to book flights to USA.

Our customer support will advise you on car hire and transport options from your destination airport in the USA, as well as suggest all flights deals and the best tours & activities in the USA.