Cheap Flights To New Zealand From UK

New Zealand is the mythical land of the Maori. A nation of two islands brought together by stunning beaches, glacial mountains, rustic woodlands, rich vineyards and modern cities. All this is yours to explore by simply booking our cheap flights to New Zealand.

Why Choose Cheap Flights To New Zealand?

New Zealand is home to contemporary cities, great outdoor adventures, plenty of fun in the sea and lakes, and a warm friendly people.

Plus, you get to explore Maori traditions and culture, dating back to ancient times, as you explore both North and South Islands.

New Zealand consists of the North Island and South Island. While the North Island is considered the warmer of the two; Abel Tasman located on the north end of South Island is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. If you love sunny weather then check out the hot springs of Cathedral Cove and make a stop at Franz Josef Glacier; one of the earths few spots to enjoy glacial trekking in pleasant surroundings.

The winter months in New Zealand are amazing. Mount Ruapehu is the nation’s most famous ski destination where you get to savour a chic ski culture within the folds of the Remarkables mountain range. The place is an extravaganza of snow, mountains, lively pubs and nightclubs.

Discover the heart of Wellington, the art culture, the classy cafes and elegant people. There you can fall in love with the gorgeous surroundings, savour sunsets on amazing beaches and explore the wealth of Maori culture, lovingly preserved as a part of New Zealand’s indigenous heritage.

South Island is where you can explore New Zealand’s wine country. From gorgeous vineyards to sumptuous meals at cosy wineries, the experience is one to cherish.

New Zealand is also a holiday to enjoy the great outdoors. From trekking across national parks to plenty of action such as mountain climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, zorbing and bungee jumping the adventures are endless.

Simply put, New Zealand is an adventure playground!

Whether you choose to explore north or south on your great New Zealand holiday you’ve got plenty of attractions to explore.

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Which Airlines Offer Cheap Flights To New Zealand?

There are no direct flights to New Zealand. But plenty of international airlines offer flights from UK to New Zealand with short stops in the USA, Middle East and Far East.

Choose to fly into Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington from a number of destinations in the UK. You can look for cheap flights on Singapore Airlines while Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific and others offer flights from UK to New Zealand with minimum stop-overs.

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Once in New Zealand, you can hop aboard a domestic flight to get to your destination. Domestic flights are the best mode of transport when you want to explore the North and South islands.

Options of car hire and shuttle buses or trains, as well as taxis, are available at the airport. But to make sure all details are taken care of you can talk to our customer support staff and get them to help you plan that amazing New Zealand holiday.