Cheap Flights To Japan From UK

Want to visit the exotic islands of Japan? Learn about a new culture and savour all that amazing food; it’s the land of sushi after all, plus you get to wear a kimono. Sounds awesome? It is, and even more amazing are our cheap flights to Japan from UK!

Why Book Our Cheap Flights To Japan?

The land of cherry blossoms needs no introduction; whether you’re an old-fashioned culture buff or a tech savvy millennium, Japan is the perfect destination to jet off to.

For Brits, Japan is a whole new world; explore the vintage temples elaborately made up of serene halls and intriguing statues. Be a part of age-old ceremonies, savour the incense scented ambience and maybe get your fortune read to see what the future holds.

Savour the rich history skipping from pagodas to well-manicured gardens, guaranteed to sooth the mind. Plus, you get to explore some areas dressed up in traditional costumes!

And you won’t miss your pub days too; exchange it all for karaoke bars, dance clubs and those amazing sushi bars. Fine dining is on the cards too, together with some exotic ingredients and drinks you must try!

Hey and did you know our UK to Japan flights are so cheap that you get plenty of that travel budget left over to travel, eat and explore Japan!

Bustling and vibrant Tokyo is not your only choice, you can check out the geishas of Osaka, or plan a road trip exploring ski resorts, island villages, coral reefs and gorgeous lake regions. Plus, Japan is a land of hot springs! Say cheerio to yet another cold winter and get set to savour the warm embrace of hot springs in Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Kusatsu and more.

Let’s chat and start planning. Your next amazing holiday is just a click away, book your flights to Japan easily with our search engine. Choose the cheapest flights to Japan from amongst top international carriers operating direct flights to Japan from UK airports.

Use our friendly online search box to compare dates and the price shown for each flight and decide on the best airfare to Japan from London Heathrow or any other departure airport from which you can book cheap UK flights to Japan.

If your travel dates are flexible, we can help select the cheapest dates and months to fly to Japan from UK.

Plus, we can help you discover alternate destinations in Japan, which you can access via cheap flights to Japan from UK airports to enjoy a unique experience in the land of the rising sun.

Prices shown per UK to Japan flight will be the average cost per person, which you can use to compare against the cheapest date and time to fly to Japan. You can request for air fare packages for all passengers including infants to decide on the cheapest UK to Japan flight option.

Which Airlines Operate Cheap Flights To Japan From UK?

Direct flights to Japan are the most convenient. Depending on your departure airport in the UK, you can choose direct flights to Japan on Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, Fuji Dream Airways and of course Japan Airways.

British Airways operates weekly direct flights to Japan from London Heathrow. You can choose to arrive at either Tokyo Haneda or Tokyo Narita International Airport via British Airways.

Or book the cheapest Japan flight direct to Tokyo Haneda from London Heathrow terminal 3 on Japan Airlines.

What’s The Best Time To Look For Cheap Flights To Japan?

July, August and September are considered high season in Japan. However, the cheapest month to fly to Japan is January. A morning flight to Japan from UK is the cheapest while you have a choice of arriving at any one of Japans international airports.

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