Cheap Flights To Dubai

If you are planning a holiday to Dubai save on your travel costs by booking cheap flights to Dubai. Your best options to explore the Middle East on a budget.

Why Choose Cheap Flights To Dubai?

Dubai remains one of the most modern holiday destinations in the Middle East. Well known for its glitz and glamour, Dubai is where you experience all the extravagance of Arabic hospitality.

The playground of the Middle East, Dubai is one destination us Brits don’t tire of, no matter how many times we visit the place.

Dubai is home to luxurious hotels which treat guests like kings and queens. While a cruise along the Dubai Creek in a traditional boat called a ‘dhow’, is a lovely experience.

Shopping is a pleasure at the lavish shopping malls where a shopaholic can ‘shop’ to their hearts desire. Check out the Dubai Mall; one of the largest shopping centres in the world. Or you can plan to fly to Dubai during the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival. A time when we have plenty of special offers on Dubai flights with discounts on air fare and last minute deals.

Dubai offers world class entertainment. While the sightseeing is quite interesting. The city is home to the worlds tallest building the Burj Khalifa.

Leave those cold British winters to go dune bashing across the Dubai desert, spend nights at desert camps like a true ‘Bedouin’ and ride a camel across the shifting sands! Fabulous experiences!

Other attractions in Dubai include visiting the Gold Souk and Spice market. A whole new experience for British tourists, these markets are fascinating places to explore. Plus, they are ideal to shop for the best quality gold at competitive prices. And other goods like exotic spices and colourful fabric.

Let’s not forget the lovely sandy beaches of Dubai, where you can enjoy a picnic, have a barbeque and work on your tan!

Flights To Dubai Arrive At Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is one the best in the world. The airport consists of 3 terminals and is the worlds largest building in square miles.

Perfect for British travellers to unwind after their long haul flight from the United Kingdom the Dubai airport is a fine example of all the finery awaiting you in the Dubai city centre which is located just 5kms from the airport.

Dubai city is the second largest city in the Emirates and one of the most popular holiday destinations for British tourists.

How Do I Travel To The City Centre From Dubai Airport?

Its very simple to travel from Dubai Airport to the city centre.

You can use the Dubai Metro to get to the city from both terminal 1 and 3. Plus, taxis are available 24hrs at the airport. And Dubai Airport has buses running day and night to the city on a very regular schedule.

Plus, most Dubai hotels are only 45 minutes from the airport and easy to reach by bus, metro or taxi.

The airport public transportation services offer routes to further destinations like Abu Dhabi; which is about an hour and a half from Dubai.

At Dubai Airport you can buy an NOL card, which is an electronic travel card you can use to pay for your fare on public transportation in Dubai.

How Long Are London To Dubai Flights?

The flight time from London to Dubai be close to 9hrs if you fly direct. However, if you book a flight with a stopover it could take as long as 30 hours to fly from the United Kingdom to Dubai.

What Is The Cheapest Time To Book Flights To Dubai?

April is the cheapest time to fly to Dubai. But you can find cheap flights to Dubai at other times of the year. Simply watch out for our special deals by signing up with Direct Flights and giving us your e-mail address.

What Airlines Offer Cheap Flights To Dubai From London?

You can choose to fly direct to Dubai from London.

Emirates, Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic all operate flights between London and Dubai. Use our search engine to compare airfare against London to Dubai flights and choose the cheapest option.

If you are looking for a last minute flight to Dubai, take a look at our special offers and deals on last minute flights to Dubai. Special air fare discounts on Dubai flights are available across various class types and you may even be lucky enough to find last minute deals on business class flights to Dubai.

Booking Business Class Flights To Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations amongst British business travellers. You can use our search engine to compare prices and find the best value Dubai business class flights. The seats on business class are roomier, the food menu is extensive and the service is better. Overall Business Class is very comfortable and you arrive refreshed in Dubai.

You can book direct business class flights between the United Kingdom and Dubai on British Airways, Emirates, Qantas and Royal Brunei Airlines.

Check out the smaller airlines for cheap business class tickets to Dubai from London Heathrow. Cheap airlines offering discounts on business class tickets to Dubai include EgyptAir and Ukraine International Airlines.

Search online or ask our customer support for details and special offers for all London to Dubai flights. Compare flights and fares to choose the cheapest flight to Dubai.

Talk to us today and book your cheap Dubai flight!