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Flights from the United Kingdom to Denpasar Airport, in Bali, are available on top international airlines.

Use our online search engine to find the cheapest flight to Denpasar airport from London Heathrow and other international airports in the UK.

Why Book Cheap Flights To Bali?

Bali offers golden sandy beaches, the warm ocean to swim in, exotic food, a vibrant nightlife and a foreign culture to discover.

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Bali is famous for its culture and is known as the land of a thousand temples. You can watch traditional dances. Explore the vintage temples and visit the countryside. Areas like Ubud is famous for its terraced paddy fields and holistic food.

Bali is home to the famous Full Moon beach parties. An exotic array of cheap food you will love sampling and of course, those endless sunny days you can spend surfing and chilling on the beach with family and friends.

When To Look For Cheap Flights To Bali?

If you are looking for last minute flight deals to Bali, avoid the high seasons. Bali is busiest during July and August, Christmas and New Year and the Easter holidays.

But if you want that summer getaway during your children’s school holidays, and you can’t avoid travelling during the above mentioned seasons check out our bargain deals for last minute flight bookings to Bali and you can save money on your air fare.

Flights to Bali are most expensive in July.

This is because some of the islands most popular festivals take place then. For example, the Bali Arts Festival and the very interesting Buffalo Races happen in July.

But look for our last minute flight deals to Bali and you can save money and travel during this popular season.

If dates are not a problem and you really want to avoid the crowds, then you’re in luck. Book your flight outside of these seasons and you can fly to Bali on a cheap budget flight from any international airport in the UK.

May and June are the best months to look for cheap flights to Bali.

UK Airports To Book Cheap Flights To Bali

There are no direct flights from the United Kingdom to Bali. You must stop flight midway in Singapore or Jakarta if you are flying to the Ngurah Rai International Airport. This is the main International airport in Denpasar. Denpasar is the most popular destination in Bali with British tourists.

Bali flights are available from the following airports in the United Kingdom;

  • London Heathrow (LHR)
    From Heathrow airport you can get flights with the least number of connections on your London to Bali route
  • Manchester Airport (MAN) and Birmingham Airport (BMX)
    Both these airports offer UK to Bali flights but with at least two connecting flights

Which Airlines Offer Flights To Bali From UK

The best airline to look for last minute flight deals to Bali (Denpasar) is Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Other airlines flying to Bali from the UK include Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific.

What To Do Once Your Cheap Bali Flight Arrives In Denpasar

The Denpasar International Airport (DPS) is also called the Ngurah Rai International Airport and located just 8 miles from the Bali city centre.

You will find taxi counters located on the right side as you exit the arrivals lounge at the airport. .

Before getting into the taxi clearly inform the driver of where you want to go. Taxi fares to different locations in Bali are fixed prices, And when the driver knows where you want to go you can get an accurate fare.

What Are The Most Popular And Cheapest Flight Routes To Bali?

The cheapest United Kingdom to Bali flight route is the Birmingham to Bali (Denpasar) course. The most expensive flight route is the Newcastle to Bali (Denpasar) flight route.

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